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8mm & 16mm film transfer

4UDVDS - 717.977.5501 (map)

4UDVDS - We specialize in 8 mm, super 8 mm and 16 mm film transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray
We are THE DVD EXPERTS -- We transfer your film one frame at a time by scanning it!
Our affordable Film Transfer is done with PROFESSIONAL HIGH DEFINITION DIGITAL equipment. With frame scanned transfer you will see the superior quality.
NOTE: If you film has damaged holes it will be transferred normally!

film color correction and restoration
Our system AUTOMATICALLY captures each individual frame of film and creates a standard video file that can then be played back at the proper speed. This method is designed for stunning, ultra high quality transfers of regular 8mm and super 8mm film. Transferring frame by frame ensures 100% frame accuracy for critical sound synch applications. Also, such frame discretion means the clearest crispest picture possible.

Preparation and Processing
Film is cleaned, splices repaired, leader added when needed and film consolidated on to 400 ft reels with hermetically sealed (air tight) reel cases if necessary. Film is digitally transferred frame by frame into our nonlinear editor. Editing includes: cutting out blank and unusable parts, titles are created and inserted just before each reel, background music is applied, the edit is checked for quality and timing and then the DVD or Blu-Ray is created. Custom labels and inserts (Album Wraps) are designed and printed in full color and then assembled and made ready for you.


We warrant all our work for 60 days. During that time we will fix or change mistakes.
Shipping is not included.

Packages Include
All the Preparation listed above, plus custom full color graphics printed on the DVD, case and insert. We put a maximum of two hours on a DVD. The graphics for the labels and inserts are archived. The DVD(s) or Blu-Ray Disks are indexed, (chapters at each reel). This allows you to use your remote control to jump to each reel title easily.

DVD / Blu-Ray Menu
This is a no-charge option, and is included with each transfer over 400 ft unless you request otherwise. Please tell us when ordering. Thank you.


Call About Our HD Film transfer to Blu-Ray 717.977.5501

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